midofficeClientContract Data Type

A message to communicate vendor contract relationships with a midoffice system. Created by nick on 7/2/15.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
billingIdentifier string element 0/1 The billing ID to identify the contract to the vendor.
commissionable boolean element 1/1 Whether or not bookings done with this vendor are commissionable by the TMC.
contractType string element 0/1  
corporateIdentifier string element 0/1 The Corp ID to identify the contract to the vendor. For Air this is the SecuRate code.
designator string element 0/1  
endorsement string element 0/1 An endorsement line that should be added to the ticket.
override boolean element 1/1 Whether or not to override all bookings to use this contract. Otherwise only apply if a contract isn't present.
preferred boolean element 1/1  
propertyCode string element 0/1 The property code for the location this contract pertains to.
rateCode string element 0/1  
specialFee boolean element 1/1 Whether or not there are any special fees that should be applied when using this contract.
supplementalInstructions string element 0/1 Supplemental instructions for this vendor. This is the OSI field for Air.
tourCode string element 0/1 The tour code for an air segment.
type string element 0/1 The type of contract for this vendor.
vendorCode string element 0/1 The code for the vendor chain.