hotelChainClientContract Data Type

A contract held with a client that is particular to a full hotel chain as opposed to a single property. User: nick Date: 3/11/14 Time: 3:12 PM

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
code string element 0/1 The rate plan code to use when booking the rate.
expirationDate dateTime element 0/1  
family boolean element 1/1 Whether or not this rate is shared with the rest of the hotel's family.
favorite boolean element 1/1 Whether or not this is a favorite contract of the client.
fileLocation string element 0/1  
ignored boolean element 1/1 Whether or not this contract should be ignored during validation.
type string element 0/1 The type of contract.
vendor hotelVendor element 0/1 The hotel chain/vendor that this contract was signed with.
Properties inherited from airportalClientContract
accountNumber string element 0/1  
client client element 0/1  
name string element 0/1  
notes string element 0/1  
Properties inherited from baseHibernateEntity
id long element 0/1 The unique internal ID of the object.
version long element 0/1 For internal use only. This is the serialization recorder for optimistic locking of several objects between sessions.
Properties inherited from baseEntity
violations list of simpleViolation element 0/unbounded A list of constraint violations, if any, that this object has.