Namespace (wsdl)
name description
ServerInfoProvider A service for retrieving information about the server that the service is running on.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
GdsClientProvider An API for GDS scripts to connect to and request data or do work.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
HotelVpayProvider Created by susan on 7/12/17. Service Endpoint Interface for VPay Hotel Daily Checkins
VirtualPaymentDaoProvider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 3/7/17 Time: 2:05 PM
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
CheckmateProvider A provider to interact with Checkmate's API and/or send emails on Checkmate's behalf. Created by nick on 10/20/15.
CurrencyExchangeProvider An API to interact with currency exchange rate services.
DomoFeedProvider A provider used for providing information to Domo. Created by nick on 3/27/17.
DomoUserProvider A provider used for providing information to Domo. Created by susan on 3/30/18.
EncompassProvider An API to interact with the web services provided by Encompass Suites.
FaxCrudProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: kstauffe Date: 9/25/13 Time: 8:37 AM To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.
FlightDelaysProvider An API to interact with Flight Stats. Flight Stats is a paid service that retrieves data about flights.
GdacsProvider A provider to retrieve GDACS data and format it to a simpler object schema. Basically just a proxy. Created by nick on 10/21/14.
GeocodeProvider A provider to organize external geocoding services.
JiraProvider An API to interact with the web service provided by JIRA.
MobileNotificationProvider A provider that aids in sending out mobile notifications to devices that are registered in Airportal. Created by nick on 5/29/15.
OnCallProvider A service created to interact with OnCall, an insurance provider. They provide travel insurance and emergency assistance that they need itinerary data to fullfill. Created by nick on 10/6/15.
PerDiemReimbursementProvider A provider to help manage government reimbursement rates for travel expenses. Created by nick on 4/19/16.
PvsGlobalProvider A service that helps manage PVS Global accounts and bookings. PVS Global is a risk management system primarily dealing with international travel and passport related interruptions. Created by nick on 10/15/15.
SmsProvider API for sending SMS text messages Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 1/7/16 Time: 10:49 AM
SsoProvider An API to get SAML assertions for SSO authentications.
TravelAlertsCrudProvider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 10/8/13 Time: 3:20 PM
TravelAlertsProvider Fetches travel alerts from
TripLinkProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: nick Date: 9/12/13 Time: 4:42 PM Service that manages TripLink booked segments and itineraries. Also manages subscribing to the TripLink feed for partner applications.
TripitProvider A provider to interact with Tripit and track Tripit interaction.
WeatherProvider An API to interact with a Weather Service to get weather conditions and alerts.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
AccountingItineraryImporter Service made especially to import itineraries from an accounting system. Typically used to retrieve historical data.
AccountingProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
BCDImportProvider A provider that specializes in importing BCD files from BCD's accounting system. Created by nick on 7/12/17.
BarrickReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
CommissionImportProvider Interface for the import provider
CommissionsProvider A provider to help manage and update commissions distributed by the TMC for services rendered.
GROReportProvider A GRO report is an 11 document zip file that describes all travel done by a client. This zip file needs to be uploaded to BCD's ftp server. Here is an API to create this report.
MonaVieReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
UltradentReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
UnclaimedCommissionsProvider Gets and updates commissions that have not been claimed by agents. If the agent doesn't claim it, we don't know to pay it to them.
UofUReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
VasrReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore, as well as from the Vasr DB.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
AirAvailabilityProvider A provider for searching for available flights and getting data about previous searches for flights. Created by nick on 7/28/16.
AirPortalAlertsProvider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 5/16/16 Time: 11:22 AM
AirselectProvider A provider for delivering air availability results in an email format. Created by nick on 11/29/16.
AirtineraryProvider A provider to get Airtineraries to display to the user.
AvailabilitySettingsProvider A service dedicated to retrieving settings around availabilities for varying travel types. Created by nick on 3/23/17.
ChangeHistoryProvider Provides interaction with tables that track histories of critical objects.
CityProvider An API to interact with cities, airports and train stations.
ClientProvider An API to interact with client or traveler group objects in the database.
ContractsProvider Contracts provider provides objects that describe relations between various business entities. For instance, a contract could be a negotiated relationship between an account and an airline to get a discounted rate. Created by nick on 4/4/16.
EmailProvider A provider/API for sending email.
FeedbackProvider Method space for working with feedback.
FileStorageProvider A provider/API for uploading files to a server for storage.
FormOfPaymentProvider The provider for dealing with client Form of payments. All endpoints should be permissioned with either EDIT_FOP or READ_MASKED_FOP(for readonly) Never return unmasked encrypted information.
GDSProvider An API for getting all of the Global Distribution System definitions.
GdsTypesProvider A provider that can be used to format GDS codes into human-readable formats. Like Aircraft Types and Car classes. Eventually these kinds of fields should be moved into the domain properly and this provider should be deprecated at that point.
GroupProvider A provider to manage user groups with.
HRFeedProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: drmckenna Date: 9/5/14 Time: 2:03 PM To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.
HotelAttachmentProvider A provider that sends out emails or queues email reminders that help travelers add their non-compliant hotels to their itineraries. Created by nick on 6/3/15.
ItineraryBuilderProvider A provider dedicated to creating itineraries from manual inputs as opposed to loading from external sources. Endpoints that are prefixed by 'add' are for non-GDS segments. To get them into the GDS, please set the appropriate addToGds level: 0 = do not add, 1 = add to PNR, 2 = add in seperate PNR with note in original. Created by nick on 5/19/16.
ItineraryDetailsProvider A provider for retrieving detailed itinerary data. Mostly for back-end use.
ItineraryProvider An API to interact with itineraries / trips. This will have two types of complicated return objects: The first will be the itinerary summary straight from the database. The second would be a display object that has detailed trip information.
ItinerarySegmentProvider Dedicated provider for reporting on and interacting with segments
ItinerarySettingsProvider An API to interact with itinerary settings for users, agents, agencies and accounts.
ManagerProvider This provider is for functions for Client Managers.
MarketingEmailProvider A provider/API for sending email.
MarketingEmailSenderProvider A provider/API for sending marketing emails.
PermissionProvider A provider/API for viewing and updating user permissions and groups.
QueueProvider An API to sort queues in the GDS based on database driven settings.
RecentSegmentProvider An API to get information specific to SecurityLogic features. Also can be thought of as the RecentSegmentProvider.
ServiceFeeProvider A provider for service fee information. Created by nick on 4/16/14.
SurveyEmailProvider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 2/4/16 Time: 9:42 AM
TicketingProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: nick Date: 9/25/13 Time: 1:58 PM To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.
TmcProvider A provider to interact with Travel Management Companies and their settings. Created by nick on 11/12/15.
TravelPolicyProvider Provider to help manage travel policies for different clients/groups/divisions. Created by nick on 1/27/15.
UdidsProvider A provider dedicated to handling UDIDs. UDIDs are User Defined Fields that are added to trips to enhance reporting. Clients, Offices, and TMCs may all have specific UDID configurations. Created by nick on 1/27/16.
UserProvider An API to interact with AirPortal User objects.
VendorProvider An API to interact with vendor objects.
VoidLogProvider A provider for tracking voids that have or have not been pushed out to the airline authority (ARC)
Wt0Provider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 4/26/16 Time: 8:28 AM Modified By: Susan Grey Modified On: 11/3/2017 Description: A Provider to get all work to zero task for given logged In User. Every user, have task permission set.

Logged in user can have more than one dashboard such as a) Manager (Airportal 360) b) Agent c) Traveler

Namespace (wsdl)
name description
DemoProvider A provider built specifically for building and munging demo data. Created by nick on 4/5/17.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
MonthlySummaryProvider Endpoints for the monthly savings summary records. Mostly just saving and refreshing totals.
ValueLogicChartProvider These endpoints are used to retrieve chart data. As it stands the data is universal enough that it can be used for any type of chart really. But the service layer for the data was build with the Highcharts API in mind.
ValueLogicImportProvider Responsible for importing itinerary savings records into airportal Currently all our importing is done through itineraries in the airportal database, we feed them into these endpoints and from that point on the records are updated and managed by agents in the front end UI.
ValueLogicProvider The standard service endpoints for the valuelogic system, scope is the basic CRUD for valuelogic records and Udid information
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
EmployeeProvider An API to interact with the EmployeeInfo object.
OfficeProvider An API to interact with offices.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
AirBankDaoProvider Author: Kurt Stauffer Date: 6/15/16 Time: 12:57 PM
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
AnalyticsProvider An API to get analytics data from scheduled processes.
AnalyticsReportProvider An API to send/get analytics reports.
ErrorProvider An API to report errors that occur during scheduled processes.
MidofficeAnalyticsProvider A service for storing and querying errors that happen during ticketing via an external midoffice system. Created by nick on 7/19/17.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
HelpDeskProvider An API to interact with the Help Desk database.
HelpDeskReportProvider An API to pull reports from TRAMS and Agresso using the AccountingCore.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
HplCrudProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: kstauffe Date: 9/20/13 Time: 8:58 AM To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.
HplProvider Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: kstauffe Date: 9/20/13 Time: 8:52 AM To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.
Namespace (wsdl)
name description
HplAnalyticsProvider An API to interact with the hpl analytics table.

The services API is also accessible by a set of client-side libraries that can be downloaded from the files and libraries page.