TripLinkProvider Service

Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: nick Date: 9/12/13 Time: 4:42 PM Service that manages TripLink booked segments and itineraries. Also manages subscribing to the TripLink feed for partner applications.


updateTripLinkItinsForClient Operation

Update all itineraries that have changes found in TripLink. getTripLinkOAuthToken must be run before doing this.

Input Parameters
name type description
clientid long The client that we want to update itineraries from TripLink.
startDateString string  
endDateString string  
Return Value
type description

importTripLinkItinerary Operation

Import an itinerary with a trip id

Input Parameters
name type description
clientId long The client to import the itinerary to
tripId string The id of the trip to import
userName string The username to import the itinerary for
Return Value
type description
long The imported itinerary