Transaction Data Type

An airbank transaction is a record of a mutation that happened to an air reservation's ticket. Like if it was marked unused, etc.

name data type constraints description
timestamp number required The time that the change happened.
description string required A description of the change.
debit number required The amount reduced during the change.
credit number required The amount increased during the change.
travelerName string   The traveler name that owns the ticket.
Properties inherited from BaseHibernateEntity
id number   The unique internal ID of the object.
version number   For internal use only. This is the serialization recorder for optimistic locking of several objects between sessions.
Properties inherited from BaseEntity
violations array of SimpleViolation   A list of constraint violations, if any, that this object has.


  "timestamp" : 12345,
  "description" : "...",
  "debit" : 12345.0,
  "credit" : 12345.0,
  "travelerName" : "...",
  "id" : 12345,
  "version" : 12345,
  "violations" : [ {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  }, {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  } ]