SegmentStatus Data Type

A segment status is the reservation status of the segment. Like if it is confirmed or on wait list.

name data type description
code string The code retrieved from the GDS.
description string A short description about what the code means.
accepted boolean Whether this status code is trusted that the reservation is made.
confirmed boolean Whether this status code means that the segment is confirmed and active.
virtual boolean Whether this status code is a virtual one that has no meaning outside of Airportal.
Properties inherited from BaseHibernateEntity
id number The unique internal ID of the object.
version number For internal use only. This is the serialization recorder for optimistic locking of several objects between sessions.
Properties inherited from BaseEntity
violations array of SimpleViolation A list of constraint violations, if any, that this object has.


  "code" : "...",
  "description" : "...",
  "accepted" : true,
  "confirmed" : true,
  "virtual" : true,
  "id" : 12345,
  "version" : 12345,
  "violations" : [ {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  }, {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  } ]