MidofficeClientContract Data Type

A message to communicate vendor contract relationships with a midoffice system. Created by nick on 7/2/15.

name data type description
type string The type of contract for this vendor.
vendorCode string The code for the vendor chain.
tourCode string The tour code for an air segment.
corporateIdentifier string The Corp ID to identify the contract to the vendor. For Air this is the SecuRate code.
billingIdentifier string The billing ID to identify the contract to the vendor.
supplementalInstructions string Supplemental instructions for this vendor. This is the OSI field for Air.
propertyCode string The property code for the location this contract pertains to.
override boolean Whether or not to override all bookings to use this contract. Otherwise only apply if a contract isn't present.
endorsement string An endorsement line that should be added to the ticket.
specialFee boolean Whether or not there are any special fees that should be applied when using this contract.
commissionable boolean Whether or not bookings done with this vendor are commissionable by the TMC.
preferred boolean
contractType string
designator string
rateCode string


  "type" : "...",
  "vendorCode" : "...",
  "tourCode" : "...",
  "corporateIdentifier" : "...",
  "billingIdentifier" : "...",
  "supplementalInstructions" : "...",
  "propertyCode" : "...",
  "override" : true,
  "endorsement" : "...",
  "specialFee" : true,
  "commissionable" : true,
  "preferred" : true,
  "contractType" : "...",
  "designator" : "...",
  "rateCode" : "..."