DisplayTicket Data Type

Information about the tickets associated with the trip.

name data type description
ticketNumber string The identifier for the reservation.
issueDate number The date the ticket was bought/issued.
type string The type of ticket. Most types match to a travel type. However, types like 'Exchange' and 'Penalty' are different types of air tickets.
passengerName string The passenger the ticket is associated with.
baseAmount string The cost of services rendered without tax.
totalAmount string The cost of services rendered with tax. This should match the credit card statement.
totalTax string The taxes applied by local governments.
payment string The payment used. Credit card numbers will be masked. Other payment methods will be named. Like 'Cash'
vendor string The name of the vendor that accepted payment.
invoiceNumber string The invoice number, in the case that the passenger name is being used as the grouping.


  "ticketNumber" : "...",
  "issueDate" : 12345,
  "type" : "...",
  "passengerName" : "...",
  "baseAmount" : "...",
  "totalAmount" : "...",
  "totalTax" : "...",
  "payment" : "...",
  "vendor" : "...",
  "invoiceNumber" : "..."