DisplaySeat Data Type

Information about a reserved seat on a travel vehicle.

name data type description
name string The name of the traveler this seat is reserved for.
status string The reservation status of this seat.
seat string The seat identifier.
seatClass string The class of service this seat is categorized under.
meal string The meal available to the traveler in this seat.
frequentFlyerNumber string The frequent flyer number used in reserving this seat.
position number The passenger position associated with this seat. For instance, 1 would be the first passenger in the passenger list.


  "name" : "...",
  "status" : "...",
  "seat" : "...",
  "seatClass" : "...",
  "meal" : "...",
  "frequentFlyerNumber" : "...",
  "position" : 12345