BlogPost Data Type

A blog post is a record of a blog in wordpress.

name data type description
title string The title of this post.
postDate number The date of the post creation.
status string The status of the post.
url string The url that points to this post in wordpress.
summary string The post summary
type string The type of post. The most important one of those is 'post', which means it is a post as opposed to a comment.
Properties inherited from BaseHibernateEntity
id number The unique internal ID of the object.
version number For internal use only. This is the serialization recorder for optimistic locking of several objects between sessions.
Properties inherited from BaseEntity
violations array of SimpleViolation A list of constraint violations, if any, that this object has.


  "title" : "...",
  "postDate" : 12345,
  "status" : "...",
  "url" : "...",
  "summary" : "...",
  "type" : "...",
  "id" : 12345,
  "version" : 12345,
  "violations" : [ {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  }, {
    "propertyName" : "...",
    "failureMessage" : "...",
    "stackTrace" : "..."
  } ]